To make the education of Infant/Child CPR and Choking Maneuvers free
and readily available
to the nation.
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"This widely respected humanitarian agency and the universally recognized ARC brand will enable the CHASE mission have a national even global impact. Getting on their radar in less than three years time was the CFL highlight of 2008!"
Farley Boyle

Read Farley Boyle's Short Story called "Paying it Forward" in

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Go behind the scenes at Viva La Chase and stay tuned to view both the Stayin Alive Jive & The CPR Groove on YouTube!

CHASE for Life proudly presents, "How to Save a Life", our 18 minute animated instructional film that will educate you in basic lifesaving skills for FREE. Available in English and Espanol. Learn How to Save a Life TODAY! Click on Paddy images below to view our film.
Stayin' Alive

Meet Paddy the Penguin, the new face of infant/child CPR & Choking Maneuver Education! CHASE for Life strongly recommends that you further your education by getting certified, but you do not have to be certified to save a life! So sit back and meet friends from the CHASE for Life "Stayin Alive" movement, and click below to see Paddy the Penguin and his two hit songs "Stayin' Alive Jive" and "The CPR Groove" As the music, visual demonstration, repetition and graphic buzzwords simulate these life-saving maneuvers, you will soon find that you too can save a life! Download FREE modern resources like CPR and Choking Maneuver pocket guides and posters for free. Together we can change statistics and save children's lives!.

Citizen's or Hands-Only CPR

Chef Ludovic Lefebvre is competing for CFL again this season and this episode can be seen on Wednesday, April 21st.

See CHASE on Top-Chef!

Click here to see Paddy's Stayin Alive moves on Comcast News.

Hear CHASE for Life’s new inspirational song, “Rescue”
Danny WeltmanWritten and performed by singer/songwriter Danny Weltman, “Rescue” is an emotional song about how Farley and Pat Boyle save their daughter’s life.
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