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about C.H.A.S.E. for Life

CHASE for Life, founded in 2005, is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that stands for CPR, Health, Awareness, Safety, Education. We are dedicated to saving children's lives by educating anyone with a hand on a child with the basic lifesaving skills needed to sustain a life until help can take over. CHASE for Life was created to change the statistics in this country with prevention education and awareness campaigns. CHASE is a 501 C (3) tax exempt nonprofit sustained by personal donations, corporate sponsorships and grants.

Our Mission
To make the education of Infant/Child CPR and Choking Maneuvers free and readily available to the nation.

Learn it for Life
Drowning and choking are two of the leading causes of unintentional injury related deaths in children under the age of fourteen. We are devoted to reducing these needless deaths by making Infant/Child CPR and Choking Maneuver education available in all communities at no cost. What you learn today can save a child's life tomorrow.

Breathing Life into Child Safety and Prevention
CHASE for Life has given CPR and Choking Maneuver education a facelift by demystifying these techniques with the help of fashion, rock and animation. In collaboration with hospitals and first aid volunteers, we have developed programs and community outreach initiatives that provide free education, resources and training to families, childcare providers and the community at large.

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