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Farley's Girls
Farley and Chase Boyle
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I would like to share a story from "a day in my life" so that I can potentially save someone else’s. I am the mother of three incredibly adorable girls, Mackenzie (5), Chase (3), and Abigail (11 months). On August 28, 2005, the day after I arrived home from the hospital with my new baby girl, I almost lost my second daughter, Chase, to a near drowning incident. What should have been a great fishing adventure with her dad and grandfather turned into near tragedy, prevented by several miracles along with the quick response of my husband and his education in Infant/Child CPR and Choking Manuevers.

The smartest decision I made while I was pregnant with my first child Mackenzie, was enrolling my husband and me in an optional infant CPR course for $120 offered by my OB-GYN. After living through this terrifying ordeal and what could have been the end of our perfect life, we realized that we were given a second chance. We are so thankful and knew that we wanted to share our experience and give back to our community.

The Family Farley and ChaseI began by organizing and hosting a "cocktail clinic" with 30 family, friends and neighbors just a few days after our daughter was released from the intensive care unit. The EMTs responsible for responding to Chase's incident volunteered their time by giving a crash course on how to sustain a life until help arrives. With a renewed sense of confidence, knowing we "gave back," I raised two thousand dollars on behalf of the Little Silver EMS Squad. I realized the impact just one night could have on so many people and decided to take things to the next level. I started CHASE for Life hoping to give CPR and Choking Maneuver education a user-friendly facelift by modernizing its look while simultaneously creating universal appeal. I want to make this a hot topic... You are "in the know" if you know what to do!.

Through the support and encouragement of our community, family and friends, I started CHASE for Life, a nonprofit organization, created to educate and raise awareness in communities throughout the country.

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