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about C.H.A.S.E. for Life
Pre-K through Middle School Workshop Series
We provide workshops within the school system addressing parents and caregivers of children ages Pre-K through eighth grade. We have scheduled events throughout the school year providing free education in Infant/Child CPR and Choking Maneuvers.

The "Learn it for Life" Program
This program helps to organize in-home parties and community workshops to teach the basic lifesaving skills needed to sustain a life until help can take over. We will arrange for a team of certified emergency medical technicians to train your family, babysitters, siblings, grandparents and/or anyone else that might have a hand on your child.

Discharge Policy and Procedure in Hospitals
The CHASE for Life initiative is a perfect fit within hospitals because we are guaranteed at least a 72 hour captive maternity audience reaching mothers from all demographics. This program promotes mandatory Infant/Child CPR and Choking Maneuvers education by supplying hospitals with our 18 minute animated instructional DVD "How to Save a Life" so that it can be shown to all mothers before being discharged with their newborns. We envision "How to Save a Life" to be looped 24/7 in closed circuit hospital network programming with viewing ability in pediatric and maternity wings and waiting rooms as well as all patient rooms. Our free DVD and CPR and Choking Maneuver pocket guides will be distributed via diaper bags and discharge packets. The CHASE for Life initiative is currently being piloted in 14 hospitals within the state of New Jersey. We are looking to partner with every hospital in the nation.

Innovative Child Safety Resources
We have created an 18 minute animated instructional short called “How to Save a Life” along with CPR and Choking Maneuvers pocket guides and posters with the intention of having them mass reproduced and distributed nationwide at no cost. We envision replacing the dated resources that currently exist in the public with our modernized, user friendly, animated resources by supplying them to schools, restaurants, recreational facilities, beach clubs, hospitals, doctor's offices, homes, etc.
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