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CHASE for Life can eliminate drowning as 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 19

The CDC announced that drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury related deaths in children under the age of 19. The children's charity CHASE for Life can reduce this hideous statistic by providing FREE & HIP prevention education!


PRLog (Press Release) - Jun 28, 2010 - CHASE for Life (CFL) wants to empower the masses this Summer with basic life saving skills so that everyone is prepared to ACT in an emergency. CFL is offering two simple options: (1) YOU can get empowered in basic lifesaving skills IMMEDIATELY by making a 7 minute commitment to save a life by watching 2 FREE instructional music videos...The Stayin Alive Jive & The CPR Groove THEN, (2) take it a step further and watch CFL's 18 minute animated instructional film called "How to Save a Life" to learn how to perform infant/child CPR & Choking Maneuvers. If you retain only 20% of what you see you have an 80% chance of saving a child's life. Children's bodies respond much faster than adults due to size and weight....their little bodies are compact just waiting for a spark to reignite.

Drowning isn't seasonal, it occurs year round....Children can drown in as little as one inch of water.

How one reacts in the first 5 minutes of an emergency is crucial...the clock is always ticking. Did you know that the average ambulance response time in the U.S. is from 5 to 15 minutes. Brain damage will likely occur in a child due to oxygen loss in 5 minutes and brain death occurs after 6 minutes.

Pool Safety Tips

  • Keep pools covered when not being used
  • Install fences and gates with childproof latches
  • Know CPR
  • Never leave children unattended/designate someone to be in authority at all times
  • Have safety floatation devices readily available
  • No running, pushing or jumping on others in the water
  • No eating or chewing gum while swimming
  • Dive in marked areas only
  • Make sure pool drains do not have "suction" capabilities

Water Safety Checklist for Kids

  • Learn how to swim
  • Swim with a buddy
  • Never run, push or jump on others in the water
  • Wear a life jacket when on a boat or participating in water sports
  • Never dive into a body of water when you don't know the depth
  • Do not eat or chew gum in the water
  • Respect the water

Water Safety Check List for Adults

  • Never leave children unattended near any type of water
  • Learn infant & child CPR
  • Make children put on life jackets when on boats or participating in water sports
  • Know that water wings are not safety devices...do not rely on them
  • Keep toilet lids down
  • Keep buckets over turned
  • Be aware of water collected in pool covers, buckets or anywhere else
  • Keep floatation devices readily available

Be prepared in an emergency, you don't have to be certified to save a life.
Doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING.
The clock is unforgiving in an emergency.
Make the committment towards getting educate today.
Go to www.chaseforlife.org and learn how YOU can save a LIFE!

YouTube: Paddy the Penguin & his STAYIN ALIVE JIVE & the CPR GROOVE!

YouTube: The C.H.A.S.E. for Life Story

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