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Boyle, mother of three, is a model and founding director of CHASE for Life, which actively aims to make education of infant and child CPR and prevention of choking free and available in the U.S. She also is a recipient of the 2009 Clara Barton Humanitarian Award

You can’t rely on a dictionary to provide the exact meaning of a word. The definition of mother is “female parent,” which doesn’t do the word justice. Mother is not merely a word, it’s a title, the reward that comes with giving birth or assuming the responsibilities of taking care of a child.

I always knew that I was blessed with a wonderful mother. But only after becoming a mom myself did I realize what a mentor I had growing up and what an incredible model she gave me to live by. My mother, Sue Snow, embodies EVERY characteristic necessary to create the perfect definition of what mother is and should be. To me, it’s mother: Sue Snow.

My mother made me aware at a young age that life isn’t fair and that being healthy is a gift. Every year we watched the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon, which sometimes coincidentally fell on my birthday. Inspired on my own but encouraged by my mother, I went door to door collecting donations on behalf of MDA. Thanks to my mother, I learned the priceless lesson of giving back and “paying it forward” at age 7.

I was told that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to, that with hard work comes reward. I was always encouraged to maximize my potential, to never settle for being average. I was given confidence and self-esteem. My mother ingrained these important qualities, enabling me to become the person I am today.


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