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"Saving Chase"

When their 2-year-old daughter, Chase, fell off a boat in August 2005 just as an afternoon of fishing was about to get under way, Farley Boyle and her husband thanked their lucky stars they had taken a CPR course years earlier. They quickly remembered all they needed to do to revive their daughter and, after three terrible days in the ICU, Chase recovered from the experience. For Farley, a mission emerged: to ensure that all parents of newborns take a free infant or child CPR course-before they leave the hospital. And shešs on a roll. She launched the Chase for Life Foundation (chaseforlife.org) this year and has recently received funding from the GARTH BROOKS FOUNDATION. Her website is just the beginning. On it, you'll find links to three other sites that provide instructions, but Farley thinks the whole approach to CPR education needs a makeover. "We're going to take the dated images of how to do CPR, update the look and come up with an animated feeling to it," she says, "I know we can get all parents to realize how important it is to know how to do CPR."
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