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Farley Snow Boyle never imagined that taking an infant CPR class with her husband during her first pregnancy would end up saving the life of her second daughter, Chase, four years later. Chase wasn't wearing a life jacket when she fell out of a boat docked at the Boyle's home on the Shrewsbury River in Little Silver, New Jersey. Her grandfather found her several minutes later and pulled her out of the water. Luckily, Farley's husband, Patrick, remembered his training and performed CPR before the ambulance arrived. The near-tragedy motivated Farley to found C.H.A.S.E. for Life, an organization that provides free resources-like workshops and instructional videos-to doctor's offices, schools and hospitals to educate parents and child-care providers in CPR and the Heimlich Manuever. "The accident changed my life," says Farley. "I was so grateful that Chase was okay, and all I could think about afterwards was how I could give back." In the first four months of the program, she"s been able to train more than 180 people. For more information visit chaseforlife.org.
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