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Thursday, May 22, 2008

by Dan Jacobson

Who is Farley Boyle?

Farley Boyle has hit critical mass. We refer to the latest sensation of the society media in our region. God, how we love this stuff! Definitely our guilty pleasure.

From the Two River Times society pages to MAR Magazine, we can't get enough. You bet we keep track of who's up and who's down. Who's in and who's out.

And when the latest issue of MAR Magazine showed up in our mailbox, we knew former model Farley Boyle had clinched her position at the top.

"Runway Mom" was the first front page headline about Mrs. Boyle. "Chasing Farley Boyle"; was the second.

Ever hear of "pack journalism"? That's when all the media jumps on some lurid scandal.

Well, here in the triCity region - particularly in the greater Rumson area - we have society pack journalism. Get mentioned prominently in a few of the society media outlets, add in some photos if you're strikingly beautiful, and - bamm! - you are a sensation.

And so it is with Farley Boyle. This chick/runway mom is all over the place!

(Man, is her name perfect, or what?)

Now, this Publisher has never met Farley Boyle. And her claim to the spot light is a nice one. Farley's young daughter Chase nearly drowned, but fortunately the family had been trained in CPR and a tragedy was averted. So Farley started a charity called CHASE for Life which raises money to provide free training in life saving techniques for those around children.

Farley is a former runway model with three kids. We assume she's a resident of Rumson, or its moral equivalent. And she's made waves with her organization. Our favorite society photo of her was one in "The Book" published by the Two River Times under the guidance of its owner, Diane Gooch.

The photo had a bunch of thirty-something hotties in tight jeans from the Two Rivers area at a rock and roll themed fundraiser for the organization, with Farley in the center. It was like the women were Farley's posse. Like the good looking girls in high school who hung out together.

Credit goes to the also hot forty- something Diane Gooch for highlighting this new star and her crowd. It's like the torch is being passed to a new generation of beautiful Rumson area socialites. Hey, we've got no problem with it. They sure take one great photo!

Let's make one thing perfectly clear right now. Any snarkiness in our tone is not directed at Farley Boyle. The point of this column is to take note of an interesting phenomenon in the triCity region - the existence of a real mass medium for society news and gossip, and it's growing as more so-called "high end" lifestyle publications proliferate here.

That's what cracks us up. We highlight Farley Boyle simply because she is the first real star of this new medium. This gorgeous runway mom is everywhere.

So let's recognize Farley's accomplishments. She's taken what many would consider a joke - the society news coverage in our region - and used it and her charisma to boost the profile of her worthy organization. Good for her.
Mrs. Boyle is immune from criticism in these pages. She's not a public official or media figure. She's not fair game. In fact, as a private citizen doing charitable work, Farley Boyle gets our thanks and even some publicity for her group in this column. That's why we're so nice to Farley. She deserves it.

Plus, she may have an equally hot sister who's single.

Oh, and we have to clear the air on one last issue: This Publisher is not bitter because I've never been in any of the society pages. That's not why we poke fun at the whole thing. Why should we be bitter? No way. Stop looking at me! I'm not bitter! I don't care.

Doesn't cross my mind. Not a bit...

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