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We have numerous volunteer opportunities, if you are interested in donating your time to CHASE for LIFE. Volunteers are the foundation of our organization and enable us to further our mission of educating and promoting safety awareness in the community.

Direct Service

Certified Infant/Child CPR & Choking Maneuver instructors: We are looking for people willing to teach one of our clinics or workshops.

Host a party: We are looking for people willing to organize a clinic in their home with friends, family and neighbors.

In-kind support: We welcome in-kind support to offset operating expenses. Office supplies and printing, paper, equipment, professional services are a few examples.


Advisory Committee: Composed of board members, parents, community and business leaders with expertise in the field. The purpose of the committee is to:
  • Strengthen our connection to the community,
  • Generate increased volunteer, in-kind, financial commitment and greater visibility for our organization
  • Identify new opportunities to serve the community
Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer!
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